Get To Know Me

Oh hey there,

Thank ya for stumbling onto my website!

I’m Naomi, the face behind the camera.

To say that photography is a hobby would be a major understatement – it’s more of an obsession that takes up so much of my heart.

There are few things I love more than meeting new people, zipping off to a stunning location, and going ham on that shutter button.

The joy of sharing laughter with strangers-turned-friends, experiencing absolute beauty together, and delivering images that encapsulate the essence of these moments and souls is incomparable to any other “job” I’ve had.

On the rare occasion that I’m not doing something photography related, you can find me taking a scenic stroll, trying to convince the neighbourhood cats that I’m their best pal, and delving into the deep world of psychology and personality types (E/INFPs, where you at?).

Thank you again for (virtually) gracing me with your presence! I can’t wait to create amazing experiences with you.

Naomi x

"These are a few of my favourite things"

-      Jesus and His Word

-      Stranger Things

-      Iced coffee

-      Neutral colours

-      Love stories

-      Cats

-      Dried flowers

-      Sunrises

-      Interior design

-      Personality types (MBTI)

-      80s hits

-      Lindor chocolates

-      Beach aesthetics

o  Surfboards

o  Salty wet hair

o  Shiplap

-      Road-trips

-      Cliffs over the ocean

-      Nature soundtracks

-      Clothes shopping

-      Forest aesthetics

o  Campfire

o  Woollen jumpers + beanies

o  Blankets

“You captured each moment so beautifully. I was very self-conscious about how I would look like but the way you captured me was amazing!”

My Philosophy

"The Best Photo on Earth"

After dinner at my grandparents’ place one night, I discovered a worn suitcase of sepia-toned images. It was like finding buried treasure. Flicking through stacks upon stacks of my grandparents and their families during their youth, I came across this image. I had never been so captivated by a photo before - an image of my grandma taken by my grandpa a couple of weeks after their engagement. My grandma has always been one of my favourite people in the world, but seeing her as a young woman through her loving fiancé’s eyes took my breath away and made me title this image “the best photo on earth”.

This is why it’s my mission to get to know you and your love story as much as possible: to capture you in a way that shows how treasured you are. To make you feel that each photo of you and your loved one is “the best photo on earth”. Not because of the scenery, or of the poses, or of the angles, but because of the love shining through.